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He kissed over her cheek to the side of her neck. He moved his right hand and pressed it against May's left, which was against his chest. May was wearing her bra, yet she leaned her chest against Ash's back, as she felt the heat inside of her giving her an appetitie for more. What was so important that you had to pound on my door like that? Ash noticed that May seemed like she was in heaven, as if this was the greatest single moment in her life. And to make matters worse he left Pikachu here with us! He heard May snicker a bit as he was trying to find the right words to say.

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Ash moved his hands to her head and stroked her smooth cheeks making May close her eyes as he gently stroked her face lovingly.

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May opened the door and saw a very annoyed Max in the doorway. When Ash had finally extinguished his load, he looked up at his girl. Ash tried to continue but May cut him off. Norman's grip on his shoulder felt like he was digging into his skin, like wax being melt by a flame. May put both here hands over her eyes as if she had done something terrible. Max then looked up and said "Hey, what was that?! The two were staring face to face once again, with Ash still holding onto both of her shoulders.

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may and ash have sex
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